MediaCityUK Goes Royal

Story: Johanna Peltola
University of Salford, long-time exchange partner of TTVO, had a grand opening of its brand new MediaCityUK campus when the English royalties paid a visit. Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh were shown a piece of digital future created by Salford students. The visit was part of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee -tour to celebrate Her Majesty’s 60th year in reign.

The Queen arrives (Photo: Ula Jackowska)

The special day was well prepared for as the Salford students had arranged plenty of program for the monarchs to marvel at. A 3D hologram screen displaying the University’s logo was revealed on the day. The royal guests also got a chance to see students working in a tv-studio and get a glimpse of Transmissions-project which presents Salford’s history in various ways of new media.
Decode/Recode celebrated the 100 years of Alan Turing (Photo: Orry Verrucci)

The most impressive attraction was Decode/Recode, an interactive live media performance, arranged by Salford University students of graphic design and creative technology. The performance celebrated the 100 years of Alan Turing, mathematician and father of computer science. The 24-hour Turing-inspired live media jam showcased works around topics of artificial intelligence, coding, biological systems and Turing’s life history. The event was arranged in co-operation with students, artists and academics from 24 partner universities, MediaCity campus as the central hub. The local audience followed the stream of animation, sound, video, illustration and performance from five video walls used to display the works.
The royal visit was carved in stone
March brought the first signs of spring (+20C)

MediaCityUK campus of Salford University has 1,500 students studying media degrees in animation, videogames, tv & radio etc - neat option for TTVO student’s Erasmus exchange!

Pictures: Ula Jackowska, Orry Verrucci, Johanna Peltola
Johanna is a student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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