Three IMPs have won the Demola Mobile Challenge!

CalQuest background image
Story: Emma Kiiski
A competition called Demola Mobile Challenge was held from last years summer until this years January, in co-operation between Demola and Forum Nokia. Students could develop their own creative applications, made with Qt/QML for Nokia’s smart phones. QML was introduced to us in our Programming course last year and our teacher Tony Torp told us about the competition in Demola, in which we could participate with our course task. The three of us, Anna Narinen, Douglas Symon and Emma Kiiski, wanted to create another idea only for this purpose - obviously it was worth of it! We learned a great deal about creating an application from scratch and working in team.

CalQuest is a new mobile application concept for marketing and cultural enjoyment.  The concept is based on viewing a photograph of an unknown location each day and having the task of finding that place in your city as fast as you can.  This is a great way to advertise and promote for the companies and also a fun way for the consumers to get good deals in the area of their interest – and in their own home city!

Our project, CalQuest, was innovative and an idea of our own from the start. It is basically a combination of gaming, interaction and cultural points of view. It can be used for example as an introduction to your own city’s culture or guide in fashion, sports, cars - you name it! The possibilities are endless, there are lots of concepts that can be used in our project. We are most likely going to develop our concept further into a real finished product with the help of Demola, next to TTVO*.

The best three teams were rewarded with the newest model of Nokia’s smart phones. The winning team also has a chance to choose a location in Europe and visit an international ICT event. This is a great opportunity to make connections in the Europe, especially when thinking about any exchange studies and work practice.

The reward is more than enough to encourage us to work more and achieve a lot more!

The winners were announced on 15th March in Demola during a MeeGo Network meeting.

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Emma, Douglas and Anna are students of our media programme
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*TTVO=Degree programmes in Fine Art, Film and Television and Media at TAMK Finlayson Campus
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Our heroes Emma, Anna and Douglas right after been awarded at Demola