Mister Honkonen heads for the silver screen in April!

Photo: Anssi Rautio

Change of State” (Muutos meitä johtaa), getting it’s premiere in April, is set in the 70’s Finland, when the colour television is just having it’s breakthrough. The protagonist is lottery’s official draw supervisor, Mister Honkonen, who is in danger of dismissal; he is not suitable for the broadcast’s new look. Honkonen wants to keep his job, but at what cost?

While waiting for the premiere, check out the trailer!

Muutos meitä johtaa (Change of State, 2011) Trailer from Saku Seilori on Vimeo.

Directors’ statement:

"Sometimes nostalgia hits you from a time you haven’t lived in.

Roughly one year ago, when our short film’s script began to move towards the 70’s and the change made by colour television, we received excited feedback. Everyone had their own input; memories of the first colour television sets, the technology of tomorrow and the feel of standing on the treshold of a new era.

As children of the later decades we obviously don’t have such memories. However, it was easy for us to relate to the story and it’s surroundings – after all, we are a generation led by a change faster than ever.

As a period piece “Change of State” is not one for the historians, but rather a taste of the 70’s as we, vicariously, have experienced it. As such, it makes a rich setting not only for the theme of change, but also for those of differences and the acceptance of them.

During a time torn apart by an unparalleled mix of different fears and prejudices, we find the treatment of these themes through empathy and humour to be particularly important.”

“Change of State” is the final thesis film of editor Mikko Kuuttila, assistant director Milla Kaski and the writer/directors Ville Hakonen and Jussi Sandhu.

Cast: Mika Honkanen, Reidar Palmgren, Nicke Lignell, Jari Ahola, Marko Keskitalo, Minna Rajamäki
Directed & written by: Ville Hakonen, Jussi Sandhu
Cinematography: Anne-Mari Musturi
Gaffer: Nalle Mielonen
Set design: Salla Lehtikangas
Costume design: Anna Alkiomaa & Tiina Lehikoinen
Makeup: Anita Ahola
Sound design: Arttu Hokkanen
Film editor: Mikko Kuuttila
Graphic design: Heikki Hujala
Music: Ville Rauhala, Sami Sippola, Michael Law
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Mikko Helmanen