Moving Gallery presents Screening Helsinki

A number of TAMK's artists have joined this project

Screening Helsinki is an exhibition project that brings media art among people with new means. The first
exhibition consists of the photographs of 15 artists. The digital format images are projected as a traditional slide show. The projection is arranged with the assist of an independent screening vehicle. This car is supplied with an energy source and a video projector so that any wall anywhere that you can park the car is a possible exhibition space. Screening Helsinki is supported by Moving Gallery.
Story: Jyrki Kirjalainen

Moving Gallery is a new type of and artist-run space. The aim is to support artists and their works by initially
offering an immaterial exhibition in the web. Physical exhibitions in new kind of spaces are discussed all the time. If you want to be part of the project, you can contact Jyrki Kirjalainen.

Screening Helsinki
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