Skin is a light prison

Skin is a light prison

9 video works

Skin is the limit, the first and the most immediate boundary in between external and internal modes. It is a delicate reminder of the physical dimension of our existence, but it also reacts to the states of mind. As the body and the mind have their own interests, virtues, and inclinations, the skin bounds them together into one living entity.

In the artworks the city is breathing and the loss of self-control brings peace. Contact with other people is graved after and avoided at the same time. Body will eventually let you down, sometimes the mind fails before the body.

Skin is a light prison -screening shows works that explore recurring themes of human presence. After the pressing first appearences, there can be found clues of liberation, calm straying and protective neuroses.

The cinematic artworks presented are created by the students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Shool of Art and Media, during the year 2011. Teachers of the course are Fanni Niemi-Junkola and Sari Tervaniemi.

The Artists:
Teemu Riihelä
Tiina Lehikoinen
Nina Forsman
Irene Stachon
Laura Rytkönen
Jaakko Sorja
Minna Orvokki Korhonen
Anne Lehtelä
Katti E. Hellman


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