Passenger - making of

This time I don't wish to open the themes of this work, but tell you what it was like making it.

Passenger is a bit over a minute long stop motion animation in which a model '83 Volkswagen Jetta car is decomposed. The car I'm using in the work is the same car my father gave to me when I was seventeen. I drove it a couple of years and then sold it to my neighbour. Ten years later I bought it back just to destroy it.

I started the preparation by renovating the car to look like new. After that my uncle and I detached the parts that were harmful for the environment. At this time I had the idea of giving my father a video camera so he can film and comment my working process.

What does it look like, to watch an artist work, in the eyes of an outsider?

I shot the animation in the back yard of my childhood home. It took four days in total, of which some were over thirteen hours long. Because I had to make the car totally vanish you can imagine how many sledgehammer and axe blows I gave the car. I wore down about forty cutting blades. My friends and cousin came and helped a few times, but mostly the days were quite meditative. Just me, the car and a hammer. Luckily my father came and checked on me from time to time to see that everything is all right.

So without further ado, here is the video my father filmed of me making my diploma work. Toivo Vertainen presents: Passenger by Jukka Silokunnas.

See Passanger at our Fine Art Graduate show P.S. A pic would be nice.
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