Kino TAMK screening at Tampere FF - part two

From 'Strange Walls'

We are now making our 20th appearance at Tampere Film Festival! This post will introduce last six of the twelve short films of the  Kino TAMK screening at Tullikamari Thursday March 10th.

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Laulu sieltä missä tyyntä on - A song from silent waters
A story about loneliness.
Director: Outi Tienhaara
Script: Anne-Mari Musturi
Cinematography: Anne-Mari Musturi
Sound: Petri Kuha
Editing: Jatta Oksanen
Music: Michael Law
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Raila Hänninen

Muutos meitä johtaa - Change of state

It's the 70s and the color TV is making its way in Finland. An official supervisor for the state lottery, Mr Honkonen, is about the lose his position; he is not suitable for the new program format. Honkonen wants to keep his job, but at what cost?
Director: Ville Hakonen, Jussi Sandhu
Script: Ville Hakonen, Jussi Sandhu
Cinematography: Anne-Mari Musturi
Sound: Arttu Hokkanen
Editing: Mikko Kuuttila
Music: Ville Rauhala, Sami Sippola
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Mikko Helmanen

Metsästysmaa - The hunting ground
A small country village is preparing for a big celebration, as two men, Kiuru and Moukari, pass by it on a summer's afternoon. On the road to the village men meet young Alma, who leads them into the cool shades of an ancient forest. As the dusk falls, the hunt may begin...
Director: Nalle Mielonen
Script: Nalle Mielonen
Cinematography: Janne Keränen
Sound: Ilmari Jyskä
Editing: Anssi Rautio
Music: Ville Hakonen
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Joanna Mäkelä
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Kaunis kuolema - A beautiful death
Eero Kallio is afraid of losing her daughter for illness and this fear places him in extreme circumstances.
Director: Minna Korhonen
Script: Jaakko Sorja
Cinematography: Jaakko Sorja
Sound: Philippe La Grassa
Editing: Martina Kuitto
Music: Suvi Tuuli Kataja
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Linda Haapanen
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Vieraat seinät - Strange walls
Strange Walls is a warm-hearted story of a teenage girl and her grandfather. They lead a quiet life together in a dying village. The stagnant atmosphere suddenly changes when unexpected guests appear.
Directors: Martta Tuomaala, Mikko Keskiivari   
Script: Martta Tuomaala, Mikko Keskiivari
Cinematography: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Sound: Antti Onkila, Petri Kuha
Editing: Ville Hakonen
Music: Mikko Keskiivari
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Martta Tuomaala, Mikko Keskiivari
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Connection Lost
Connection Lost is a short film about multiculturalism and the importance of studying languages.
Director: Outi Hartikainen
Script: Hannu Koivuranta, Outi Hartikainen
Cinematography: Hannu Koivuranta
Sound: Arttu Hokkanen
Editing: Joonas Yliruusi
Music: Arttu Hokkanen
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Niilo Gustafsson, Ilona Tolmunen
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Kino TAMK screening at Tampere Film Festival March 10, 4pm, Tullikamari
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