Kino TAMK screening at Tampere FF - part one

From 'The Lesson'. Photo: Hannu Koivuranta

We are now making our 20th appearance at Tampere Film Festival! This post will introduce first six of the twelve short films of the  Kino TAMK screening at Tullikamari Thursday March 10th.

Oppitunti - The Lesson
Short film about prejudice, about forced uniformity among pupils and about how, for reasons of conscience, one can even start questioning authority.
Director: Outi Hartikainen
Script: Susanna Kurikkala
Cinematography: Hannu Koivuranta
Sound: Mikko Koskinen
Editing: Iiro Peltonen
Music: Mikko Koskinen
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Joni Luomanen
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Vettä sakeampaa - Thicker than water

Juhani is an elderly priest, whose service is interrupted when an alcoholic woman starts to rage in the name of everlasting love.
Directors: Turkka Korkiamäki, Karita Ikonen
Script: Hanna Lappalainen
Cinematography: Jenni Riutta
Sound: Tomi Puhakka
Editing: Joonas Yliruusi
Music: Tomi Puhakka
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Robert Niva
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Positiivinen tulos - Positive result

Sohvi, age 16, becomes pregnant and starts communicating with her unborn child. She would like to keep the baby, but neither she nor her mother are financially secure and the father of the child wishes no contact with Sohvi either. She is forced to think the situation through with her mother and her unborn child, and to consider if keeping the baby is an option.
Director: Susanna Kurikkala
Script: Suvi Tuuli Kataja
Cinematography: Hanna Maria Mäkelä
Sound: Suvi Tuuli Kataja
Editing: Marie Syrjälä
Music: Suvi Tuuli Kataja
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Annukka Heikkilä

Osoite muuttuu - Change of address 
Change of address shows how difficult it is for a mother to accept her adult daughter moving away from home. In this short film the mother does her best to keep her daughter from leaving.

Director: Hanna Lappalainen
Script: Outi Hartikainen
Cinematography: Mikko Rantanen
Sound: Ari Huuskonen
Editing: Toni Anttila
Music: Ari Huuskonen
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Jyrki Hakanen

Jonossa - The queue
Friends from upper secondary school, Pekka and Jorma, are on their way to their senior ball after party. At the queue to the bar, Pekka sees his heart-throb Piia, and moments later he will have to make a choice.
Director: Joonas Yliruusi
Script: Toni Anttila
Cinematography: Riku Hasari
Sound: Ilmari Jyskä
Editing: Antti Seppänen
Music: Ilmari Jyskä
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Aki-Ville Auvinen

Toinen meistä - One of us
This short film by Iiro Peltonen is about two brothers. Despite their poor background, one of the bothers wants to lead an honest life – the other one cuts corners. Unfortunately, cutting corners has its risks, and when things go wrong, it is not always the bad guy who pays the price for his own actions.
Director: Iiro Peltonen
Script: Liz Chesters
Cinematography: Niko Nurmi
Sound: Philippe La Grassa
Editing: Martina Kuitto
Music: Millionaire Shaman
Production: Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Niilo Gustafsson
Kino TAMK screening at Tampere Film Festival March 10, 4pm, Tullikamari
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