Kissed with a Fist - a bit of light filming

Story: Niilo Gustafsson
Melissa, a 16-years-old school girl struggles in the edge of adulthood in the emotive short film Kissed with a Fist.

She lacks a male role model in her life and tries to find one in bad relationships. Rather than that she finds herself in bad company making bad choices. She has to make decisions which will determine her future. During the process she perceives what really is important and worth living for.

Kissed with a Fist is a joint production of TAMK Art, music & media in Tampere, Finland and University of Salford in Greater Manchester, England. I am one of seven students from TAMK living now in England and pre-producing the film. Besides I as the producer also director Iiro Peltonen, cinematographer Niko Nurmi, sound designer Arttu Hokkanen, editor Martina Kuitto, assistant director Marie Syrjala and assistant camera Jenni Riutta have been living and doing research in Salford since late January. The film is also going to be a part of our diploma work.

The production is quite massive for a student film project. What is more to us it involves more co- and excutive producers from both England and Finland and a technical crew doing a huge road trip driving our shooting equipment from Tampere to Salford by a van.

While living here Peltonen and the local screenwriter Liz Chesters have been doing a lot of work writing numberous treatments and drafts. The script is getting better all the time and we will shoot the film in two weeks time on latter half of April. After that I hope we can find some time for a holiday and then the post-production starts. All the post work happens in Finland during summer and fall. The Finnish premiere takes place in December 2011.

It was almost a year ago when we where first introduced to the idea of coming to England to shoot a film. A lot has happened since that a huge amount of work has been done. Now we all are really looking forward all that culminates and we can shoot brilliant material and make an awesome film!

Niilo Gustafsson

Also the pics are Niilo's