Playful Sensing in Demola

Story: Johanna Peltola
Cool and challenging projects, that’s what the students get to do here in TAMK. The spring semester of International Media Programme is reserved for an interactive media –project, worth 30 study credits, which may be used for one big project or several smaller ones. Every student is however expected to carry out a project connected to industrial life.

One option for the students is to join a project in Demola, which is a one of a kind innovation platform that gathers students from different fields together in multidisciplinary teams. The teams then have the opportunity to develop products and services in collaboration with companies ranging from local SME’s to international large-scale enterprises.

I found myself as a project manager in Playful Sensing –project that was launched in Demola in partnership with Nokia. Our team consists of three students, two in interactive media and one in software development. Our task is to create three fun, interactive and unique concepts that utilize mobile sensors and touch displays or projectors. The results are to be presented in three demo videos.

No need to worry about the lack of skills as the school arranges us all the needed courses in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Next week we will have a workshop given by Timo-Pekko Nieminen from DoubleNegative London. Timo’s expertise covers creating effects for movies such as Harry Potter and James Bond. Wicked awesome!

Follow the progress of Playful Sensing –project in our blog.
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