Ikuinen Gallery: They only echo by Satu Leskinen

They only echo
Ikuinen Gallery March 17-30 2011
Video Installation by Satu Leskinen

Open 12:00 am to 4:00 pm
Finlaysoninkuja 3 Tampere

Opening on Thursday 17th of March from 4pm to 6pm, the DJ for the night will be Joe Loud! Welcome y'all!

As a lighting student I always experiment with different ways to change the atmosphere of the space we're sensing to another. Things such as the surrounding colors, the way fabrics reflect light or even just the temperature of the present light affect the echoes of the space.

My main starting point in the installation was to use moving image as the main element that defines the space we're sensing around us. And instead of a basic screen I wanted to play with three-dimensional projection surfaces for a change.

The piece is an experimentation on how a collection of very few simple visual elements can echo such different stories and interpretations depending on how you place yourself in the space and whether you let yourself play with the projections for example.

Music is a big motivator in the things I do and behind this piece or from somewhere between the lines you can read lyrics by the Arcade Fire (Half Light I -song) and Deerhunter's Agoraphobia -tune to name a one.

I hope the visitors loose themselves in the moment they're spending in the gallery.

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Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program.

Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.
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