The Night of Museums tonight!


The Night of Museums
May 15 6pm-12pm

The Night of the Museums takes place tonight in Tampere, with several museums being open from 6 pm to 12 am. In addition to the beautiful exhibitions, the museums and galleries taking part in the Night of the Museums also offer various kinds of special events for their visitors. The Tampere Night of the Museums is part of a European series of events. Welcome on board!!

Entrance fee: 5 €, group ticket 12 € (max. 5 persons/group)

An old tourist bus from 1957 travels all night between the participating museums. Attendees of the Night of the Museums can get on board for the price of the entrance fee. Hop on board!

TAMK School of Art and Media is of course an active part of the event:

Fine Art graduation show "Sold Out" is open at Mältinranta and TR1. In the latter you can also see the Korean Wave photo exhibition by our Korean partners.

The Promoting Changes art exhibition is open at Labour Museum Werstas, you can also see a part of it on ste street outside.

Hysteria Publishing will perform The Great Hunt with you around Mältinranta and TR1.

You can participate in a street art act hosted by our fine art students on Väinö Linna square starting 6pm.

And finally if you're lucky; Megagagaa is open at Gallery Nottbeck, or at least you can enjoy it trough the windows.

The night of museums|||