Tampere Art Factory today and tomorrow

Sold Out and Korean Waves vernissage at TR1 last night
TAF will be selebrated two more days, welcome to Finlayson! This will happen today and tomorrow Sunday:

Sold Out, the Graduate Show of Fine Art Students
- 12-16 Mältinranta Art Center (8.5. - 25.5. 2010)
- 11-18 TR1 Exhibition Centre (8.5. - 30.5. 2010)

11-18 Photographic Exhibition Korean Waves by Chung-Ang University students (Seoul) TR1 Exhibition Centre (8.5. - 30.5. 2010)

11-18 Graduation work films at Vooninkisali

11-18 Promoting Changes Fine Art exhibition, Labour Museum Werstas

10-18 Films, Animations, Visuvaara final thesis exhibition of visual design students, School of Art and Media (Saturday only)

10-18 I Love Photography exhibition, School of Art and Media, 3rd floor (Saturday only)

10-17 4m² pin hole camera project, Laukontori

12-18 Open Studio: MEGAGAGAA (Nottbeck gallery)

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