TAF shows: The animation A Small Study Of Woe by Karoliina Paappa

A Small Study Of Woe (Woe is me!) 
Animation, 4:3, DVD, 3.20min, 2009
Animation by Karoliina Paappa
Music by Mikko Keskiivari

Karoliina Paappa:

In this surreal animation I am observing self-destructive behavior, which
appears when an individual is facing extreme states of mind. Animation is an
effort to understand my own behavior and human nature in general. It is also
an attempt to let go. Despite the hard subject, the tone is comforting and
forgiving throughout the story.

The animation combines elements of music videos, cut-out animation and of Butoh aesthetics. 

Woe on Youtube

This animation is showed at
Tampere Art Factory