International week - workshops started successfully

Interactive Cinema Workshop
text: Fredi Lilius
Chris Hales opened the first day of his workshop by talking briefly about the importance of interactive cinema amongst the growing media business in the world. He emphasized the fact that the form of interactive communication with the audience threw the screen is still not a very common form of film making.
What is interactive cinema?
Simply when the audience is affecting the outcome of the movie by its action, this can be made either by sound, light or movement.
The task given to the workshop for this week will be fun and demanding. The group will film during the week interactive short films where the audiencehave the chance to affect the movie.
The shows will be on display at the Theater, 2nd floor on Friday 7th at 12.00pm.

photo: Chris Hales, SmartLab, University of London

Nou &Herkauw

The work of a VJ is still little new for the everyday consumer. Visual Jockey is the artist behind all the moving images at a party, dance club or any other venue where visual ambience is needed. Adri Schokker (NL) opened the day by explaining to his audience the meaning of workshop’s title.
Nou & Herkauw is literally directly translated “Now & Ruminate” . By this he wanted to point out the facts that the key material that is used for VJ´s around the world is already used material which is transformed into another format that is rhythmically in balance with the given atmosphere.
The final object for the workshop is to build a mind blowing show for the upcoming TAF -party at restaurant KLUBI on Friday, 7th of May.

photo: Adri Schokker, Academy of Popculture, Groningen, NL

photos: Turkka Tervonen