LOPPUUNMYYTY - SOLD OUT. The graduation exhibition

Story: Fredi Lilius
Laughter and happy chit chatting filled the Art Hall TR1 when I entered the door, Heta Mäkelä one of the graduating students welcomed us warmly to the premises.  We started off with Jaana Laakonens works where she had used photographs as inspiration. She uses oil on canvas and her style is sometimes so intense that it´s hard to tell the origin of her inspiration. 

 Maarit Hallapuro is inspired by graphic art and her beautiful installation that is built in layers is a very intense and sensitive work of art. Her objective is to use the same method and style in the future as well.

Laura Konttinen wanted to project her memories by using photographs as the building material. Her photographs reflected a trip in her memories during her life. 

Päivi Hirsiahos videoinstallation gives the spectator an insight of the growing of an human being. Her three screens works in a wonderful harmony with the back ground that she had built as a big passé-partout  for the installation. (Photo Päivi Hirsiaho)

Ghost riding is a crazy phenomenon in the United States. The trick is to leave a car moving with the neutral shift on and dance around, on and in it!! Crazy as it sounds it looks even more crazy when filmed! Timo Bredenberg has put together a video installation with the mentioned theme. Two screens are presenting the art form, where the other screen is showing You-tube reviews of the movies shown.  Timos main message with the installation is to bring out the fact that the art form has travelled from the Us all the way to Irak! (Video Timo Bredenberg)

Mari Sydänmaalakka is giving the question of change a serious thought. She explains for us that the only way to achieve something and to get rid of the old is by experiencing a major change. Her video installation is very personal and close to your mind. Two big canvases on your both sides reflects a very interesting close up video of the human changing to something new.

Heta Mäkeläs colourful animal themes are really capturing. She is a great fan of colour layering and that can really be seen in her works. The setting and the forms of her animals are very important, but colour is the most important thing in her jobs.

Vera Arjamas combination of photographs and video installation is a reflection of the thoughts and feelings in the life of a human being. She wants to bring out the contradictions of various feelings in her work.  Her work Etsijä is about your own journey through your mind and finding yourself.

Photos: Turkka Tervonen
Sold Out, the Graduate Show of Fine Art Students
May 8 - 30 2010 Exhibition centre TR1
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson, Tampere
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