Welcome to Tampere Art Factory

The third edition of Tampere Art Factory Festival (TAF) started today at the old Finlayson cotton mill in the heart of Tampere, Finland. TAF is above all a demonstration of the skills and talent of the graduates of the School of Art and Media at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and their friends.

TAF is several fine art exhibitions, animation and film shows, interactive media, installations and performances. The fifty international guests of the International Week which started on Monday will also participate in TAF. Several works of the week workshops hosted by international lecturers will be seen at TAF.

Tampere Art Factory May 7-9 at Finlayson

TAF today, Friday:

9.30-12.00 Seminar: How can Universities Give Students a Kick to go Global? (Demola)
12-17 Films, Interactive Movies, Animations, Visuvaara final thesis exhibition of visual design students (School of Art and Media)
12-16 Timo Wright's Long Sunday photo exhibition (Ikuinen Gallery)
12-18 Open Studio: MEGAGAGAA (Nottbeck gallery)
13-16 Demos at Demola
13-19 Graduation work films at Vooninkisali
16-18 I Love Photography exhibition opening, School of Art and Media, 3rd floor
19-21 Promoting Changes Fine Art exhibition, Labour Museum Werstas
21-02 TAF party at Klubi

Open doors 13-16: