Welcome to Open Studio MEGAGAGAA

Gallery Nottbeck
Open all days 12am-6pm

Welcome to MEGA-OPENING Thu May 6 at 6pm!

Who cares if it's a human or an anima? Looks good, and mega can't be too little! Is this questioning of gaga even necessary anymore? The art students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, riding on the fame of popstar,  rope you in to this exhibition, the variety of which can confuse the mind of an unsuspecting viewer.

During the year, a lot of new works are made in an art school. The pace is frantic, and the environment encourages to experiment to your heart's content.  Photographs, sculptures, paintings and videos. Drawings, installations, performances and graphic. In order to let everyone, not just fellow students, experience this abundance of the freshest modern art, we have decided to right this wrong with our mind-blowing exhibition. MEGAGAGA is an androgynous earthworm, it is both at the same time, in the big picture mostly harmless but in reality a very useful individual. Above all, it must be experienced in the flesh!

The exhibition has works from over 20 artists, and it is part of the annual Tampere Art Factory event. The exhibition space is provided by the brand new Gallery Nottbeck in the shopping centre Siperia. 

Tampere Art Factory

MEGAGAGAA projects introduced earlier in this blog:
A Small Study Of Woe (Woe is me!) (animation)
Family act (Communal animation project)