4m² pin hole camera project starts on Saturday at Laukontori, Tampere

4m² -project is a pinhole camera built by four Fine Art students. A year ago the camera turned Ruoholahdentori marketplace upside down in Helsinki. Now the camera opens in Tampere, in the middle of Laukontori. The scenery inside the camera is recognizable yet alien. The shifting, changing, dimming and brightening sunlight paints the outside world on the inner walls of the camera. The camera doesn’t record anything, the only way to experience it is to step inside.

4m² -project will be opened on Mothers Day weekend 8.-9.5. at 10-19 in Laukontori. After that the camera will be open if good weather during the week, and again on weekend 15.-16.5 at 10-19.

ATTENTION! Due to the fact that the pinhole camera works poorly in low light, the camera might not be open on rainy of heavily cloudy days. Check the opening hours on Facebook event, or pop by and see if we’re open.

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4m² -project is Liisa Hietanen, Niina Huovinen, Viliina Koivisto and Laura Rytkönen

4m² is a Tampere Art Factory project