The Uncool Fotoklubi of TAMK

“Hello, everyone, I am Róbert, and I am an alcoholic.” - this is how the first meeting of our newborn photo club looked like. Yes, that’s right, a photo club.

The new 12IMP students, found several photography enthusiasts within themselves, who were determined enough to find more people to spend more time at school after the lessons. The photoclub currently counts up to twelve members. We are professionals in commercial photography, experienced documentarist, artists, but also enthusiasts and absolute beginners.

We have claimed our territory in the basement (floor 0), where we have access to the darkrooms, scanners. It is also a nice quiet place to learn, talk and make the magic of capturing moments of man’s history into still pictures come true.

What are we planning to do? We will be learning how to take great pictures and what actually makes a great picture? We will be exploring what is photography in all its meanings. What is the difference between arts, conceptual and applied photography. We will have theoretical and practical lessons, workshops, exhibitions and last but not least, we will have a great time hanging out with cool people.

The club was founded by a 12IMP and its self-proclaimed head - Joe, who can be contacted via email josef.pacal{at} If you are interested in joining us, don’t hesitate and get in touch, the place isn’t very big, so we can’t have too many members. :)

The meetings are on Wednesdays at 1pm - just after lunch, till the end of 1st period.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us so far, and cheers!

Story: Josef Pacal
Photos: Joanne Wong

The authors are students of Degree Programme in Media
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