At MindTrek: Skoog Music Workshop

Skoog Music Workshop
Benjaman Schogler and Sheila Robinson 
Wednesday October 3rd 10-12pm
TAMK/Finlayson, Teatteri, 2nd floor
Finlaysoninkatu 7

MindTrek is not only a business and digital media conference. MindTrek has always also been about bridging the digital divide and supporting participation of individuals and groups in taking advantage of the fruits of digital media and e-society.

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The Skoog is an exciting new musical instrument designed to empower those unable to play traditional instruments.  The Skoog is a soft, squeezable object that simply plugs straight into your computer or laptop's USB port.  By touching, pressing, squashing, twisting or tapping the Skoog you can play a wide range of instruments, intuitively.

Ben Schogler is a musician and psychologist. His research in music, psychology and education has always placed movement at the heart of things.
Sheila Robinson is entrepreneur & business mentor. Advocate of Human Health Project.

The workshop is arranged by TAMK Media Programme and MindTrek

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