Meet the best of Ubimedia at MindTrek

NUMA2012 Winner Workshop
Wed 3.10. @ New Factory 2pm to 5pm
New Factory (Väinö Linnan aukio 15)
Finlayson, Tampere
Free admission

The NUMA Winner Workshop brings the topmost of NUMA2012 entries to life on Wednesday New Factory!

During this 3-hour workshop the best-ranked ubimedia masterpieces - the Finalists & Honorable Mentions - will be introduced to the audience. See how the winners actually work, hear more from the authors and be inspired!

Winner Workshop is open for everybody (no entrance fee) and targeted to all those who are interested in state-of-the-art of ubimedia domain.

Botanicus Interacticus - Disney Research, Pittsburgh

Ever thought interactive devices could be simply grown in the future? If not, maybe the interactive plant interface, Botanicus Interacticus, will make you reconsider. Using multi-frequency electrical pulses, this technology is capable of sensing the location and intensity of touching on any kind of plant (size permitting). This establishes a surprisingly powerful interface between the organic and the digital world and allows for a literally natural integration of media into the environment. This groundbreaking approach broadens the scope of ubimedia in an exciting way.

Joggobot - Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University Melbourne

There are numerous new popular running applications for mobile devices, but even the best of them cannot replace the motivation caused by the physical presence of a running mate. The flying running companion Joggobot comes surprisingly close to a social running experience. This project shows the potential of ubimedia when it actually manifests in the playful behavior of physical objects instead of being rendered onto small screens.

Oh Music, Where Art Thou? - User System Interaction Programme, Eindhoven University of Technology

Lost in a strange place in an unfamiliar city? This ambient audio navigation service is an innovative ready-to-market solution that relieves you from exposing your expensive phone and enables you to move about like a native. You will enjoy having your eyes free for looking around or interacting with friends, while a clever manipulation of stereo channels leads you the way using your favourite music. Mobile devices make services available virtually anywhere, but still tend to distract us from our surroundings. The jury values that the solution solves this dilemma in a simple and elegant way.

Honorable mentions 
The winner event also features one of the two entries awarded with a honorable mention:

 “Digital taste synthesizer”
 by the CUTE-Center of National University of Singapore
is according to the jury a visionary project aiming to conquer the sense of taste for ubimedia.

About NUMA
The Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards competition with a total prize sum of 6.000 euros is open to all kinds of artists, practitioners and researchers. The competition is part of the international MindTrek 2012 conference held for the 16th time in Tampere, Finland during October 3rd – 5th. Almost 600 people participated in the conference last year.

The competition is organized collaboratively by MindTrek ry, Tampere Region Centre of Expertise in Ubiquitous Computing, Entertainment & Media Management Lab. (EMMi Lab.) of Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Nokia Oyj and the Ambient Media Association (AMEA). The competition is funded by Nokia Oyj and the Tampere Region Centre of Expertise in Ubiquitous Computing.
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