MindTrek - what when where!?!

MindTrek is the leading annual Nordic digital media and business event since 1997, when it was first time arranged as Tampere Multimedia Festival. Ever since that MindTrek has also been one of the academic highlights of TAMK media students - an outstanding opportunity to learn from the top experts of the industry and network with Finnish and international professionals.

MindTrek has electrified Tampere autumn since 1997

This year MindTrek will come back to Finlayson October 3rd to 5th. To some events you have to buy a ticket, many events are free of charge. Below please find a summary of the events.

The conference(s)
The MindTrek Conference is the flagship of MindTrek. It is actually two conferences with joint keynote sessions.

  • The MindTrek Academic Conference is an ACM conference arranged October 3-5 at TAMK Finlayson Campus with up to 3 parallel tracks. To participate in the conference you need a ticket.
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  • The main MindTrek Conference runs on Thursday and Friday, the joint sessions at Plevna and the parallell sessions at various locations at Finlayson. To participate you need to buy a ticket. MindTrek is a part of some TAMK courses, so TAMK degree programmes have bought tickets to students enrolled on those.
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Partner events on Wednesday October 3rd
On Wednesday the Academic Conference begins and a number of partner events are arranged.

Events produced by TAMK with friends

  • 10 am to 12 am Skoog Music Workshop introduces a instrument for persons not able to play conventional instruments. The presenters are Ben Schogler and Sheila Robison. The event is hosted by TAMK and arranged at TAMK Finlayson Campus, Teatteri, 2nd floor. Free admission.
    Read more (The ArtMedia Blog)  
  • 2 pm to 5 pm Ubimedia Winner Workshop, New Factory, Finlayson. See the best entries of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award 2012 and follow "the making of" stories by their designers. Absolutely fantastic New Media, this event is a must. Free admission.
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Events produced by MindTrek and partners:

  • 10 am to 17 pm Rekrytori goes MindTrek (Reqruitment Market) offers 500 jobs in the fields of ICT and Media. Lobby of Finlayson Media 54 building. Free admission.
    Read more (in Finnish, Rekrytori home) 
  • 12 am to 4 pm W3C Web Technology Day by Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
    Linked Data for Science and Industry at TUT Hervanta campus. Free admission.
    Read more (TUT home)
  • 1 pm to 4 pm "Create"-tive Marketing Workshop in Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Gallery Bertel, Finlayson. Ticket 60€ (Free admission with MindTrek Conference badge)
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MindTrek Lounge! on Thursday and Friday 9-17

MindTrek Lounge! is a new MindTrek programme component, a place to network, relax, take workshops and have fun between other sessions.

The lounge is open and with free admission for everybody interested. Bravo Plaza, Finlayson.

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MindTrek/Finlayson area map

MindTrek Parties

  • The official MindTrek Get Together at Skål October 3rd 7 pm  - Free admission
  • Official MindTrek Evening Party at Hullu Poro October 4th 9 pm (Only with festival badge)
    After 11 pm free admission
Both party venues at Koskikeskus shopping mall, on left bank where Tammerkoski rapids end

Thursday October 4th and Friday October 5th

  • Rupriikki Media Museum: Brand New Exhibition – Our Daily Media – on media technologies and content.
    Rupriikki Media Museum focuses on media-related equipment and phenomena from a historical and modern point of view.
  • TR1 Kunsthalle Michael Jackson – Welcome to my World

Special Entrance Fee for MindTrek participants to both exhibitions: 2 €
Both Rupriikki and TR1 can be found at Finlayson close to MindTrek venues

TR1 Kunsthalle
Address of both: Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Tampere
Opening hours, both:
Tue-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm, Mon closed