Performing in darkness

Story and photos: Riikka Gröndahl and Mari Ljokkoi
Twenty-six art students gathered in Tallinn in Let’s Make Some Noise workshop. Workshop took place in the end of August. Participants came from five different countries in Europe and from South Korea, Turkey and Israel. During the week the participants presented their own artistic practice, gave each other feedback and mingled. One aim of the workshop was to create a collective performance to Polymer art festival.

Making the place for the performance smaller

World famous Estonian artist Al Paldrok from performance group Non Grata gave a lecture about the group’s work. These examples about wild and unexpected performances inspired everyone very much even though the performance made in the workshop took a calmer form.
Working in Tallin Old Town

The performance which was performed in the end of the week in Polymer Culture Factory happened in a pitch black space and consisted of different kind of sounds. The audience was unable to name the performers because of the darkness and therefore experienced the sounds strongly.

Fine art students Riikka Gröndahl and Mari Ljokkoi from Tampere University of Applied Sciences participated to the workshop.