Winning the Demola mid-term pitching event… Why not?

From Demola Academy kick-off in September
Story: Emilija Veselova
Shaking hands, sweat of fear and trembling voice were the things you could see a lot yesterday during the Demola Academy NADC pitching event.

All the projects currently under development in Demola were divided into five groups. My team that is working on “New Factory – How did the story go?”  a.k.a. making a video for Demola project was placed in the public services section with 5 other teams – “Open Light – Movie teaser”, “The Story of Heikki”, “Utilization of FC Haka stadium”, “Local food from your local store” and “Kampuskauppa”. It was a nice and warm feeling among all of us, many familiar faces, lots of IMP students and Media exchange students.

With such good competition Ilkka Sallinen and I had to step it up and first of all relax because everything is so much better when you are just having fun with the pitch. Seeing our team members Lena, Benedikt and Lauri in the audience and some preparation in advance made us confident and eased us out.

By the time we had to step on the finalists’ stage my head was clear. We had nothing to lose. No stress, no sweat, no shaking hands. Overcoming the lack of a working clicker we started and in 1 min 31 sec gave it all. We had fun. And we won.

Emilija is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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