Turkka Felix Tervonen: Ärvings - The State of Mind

Turkka Felix Tervonen: Ärvings - The State of Mind

Ikuinen gallery 9.-18.11.2011
mon-fri 12-16

Hi there. I grew up in Helsinki in a place called Ärvings. It’s just east of Kontula and Myllypuro. Actually its name is Vesala but I’ve always liked the Swedish name better. Having experienced elementary school, junior high and high school in Eastern Helsinki, it defines me as an individual. Ärvings was my habitat for 16 years. Since then, I have lived in many places and different cities but Ärvings is the place which tells who I am.

My exhibition crystallizes around the word ‘Ärvings’. Its semiotics doesn’t open to me but I’m mesmerized by its typography. I love typography and I love drawing letters. The two key influences in this exhibition are graffiti’s and Norwegian Black Metal bands’ logos. Both of them played a big part in the development of my visual eye.

Pablo Picasso has once said that amateurs copy but pros steal. So like him, I’ve shamelessly stolen the typeface from my friend. I hope he understands.

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