IMPD printing shirts with silk screens

Story and pictures: Heidi Mäenpää

On Thursday evening the IMPDesign people held a highly anticipated silk screen printing session. A few of us had already been to the demonstration lesson to know what to do with the equipment, and the rest learned as we worked on the designs. 

First the desired design was printed on a transparency
Tero was ahead of us and already printed at a good pace
Test paper became a statement...
Washing the paint covered equipment
Making sure that the transparencies are aligned
Adjusting the shirt straight before printing
The newest designs ready to be "light exposed"
Washing older designs clean of paint
Lukas keeping watch while others wash...
And of course, one shouldn't forget to use gloves (or which hand is which)!
Another shirt ready to be printed
Hair dryers helped the paint dry faster
After the paint was dry, it was time for ironing!
Awesome shirts were now ready to be worn!

The IMPD will probably hold another printing session next week for those who missed the first one. Be sure to check out our Facebook site to keep track on what's going on!