Tahra&Ylhäisi - Working space part 3: Lunch break

Art act "Tahra&Ylhäisi - Working space part 3: Lunch break" was performed at Finlayson campus cafe on Tuesday November 29th.

"Tahra&Ylhäisi - Working space part 1" was performed last February by Tea Tahra and Elina Ylhäisi at Ikuinen Gallery, where these two second year Fine Art students worked for one week. Gallery space was transformed as a working space and art exhibition space at the same time. Presence of the two art students pushed the event towards an art act or art show.

The duo continued working together and in spring 2011 their second production "Tahra&Ylhäisi - Working space part 2" was performed at a cultural club called "We were strangers", which took place in Tampere Klubi. In that art show / act Tahra&Ylhäisi brought their working space for a couple of minutes to the centre of a club evening.

In their third event the duo had lunch with other people in the cafe.

Tahra&Ylhäisi have made experimental shows combining different two-and three-dimensional art forms.

More info: http://tahraylhaisi.blogspot.com/