Mama Africa

Story: Trent Pancy
Friday was another beautiful day to be a TTVO student. Cai arranged a FREE (to TTVO students) screening of Mika Kaurismäki's Documentary, Mama Africa. The story of Miriam Makeba, a singer from South Africa who, through her music, brought together the hearts and souls of South Africans, Black Americans, and countless other members of Caribbean and African spirits.

Over 70 students and faculty gathered to watch and learn about Miriam's story of music, exile, foreign success, and her impact on people throughout the world. The movie is not simply any other documentary, but it is a story about a passionate person, told through passionate and moving images.

For all of the IMP's, Media Exchange Students, and TTVO Staff, we were all moved. We all left the theater with a song in our heart, and a little bit more appreciation for music that comes from the soul. Anyone who has seen the movie will be singing "Pata Pata" all night long.

Another successful outing with the IMP Department. Lets hope they keep happening!

Trent is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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