Photography Workshop Exhibition

Story: Vasia Tolou
A number of IMP(Media) students and many from other degrees took part in a Photography Workshop recently. It was a one week intensive course and the results of it were many nice pictures, abused school equipment and slightly more educated students. So, work well done, I'd say.

We learned more about the use of lighting in a studio and also how it affects shooting outdoors. The 15 best pictures were chosen by each of the three groups created within the course and we had a feedback session on them, describing how they were shot, what changes we made in Photoshop afterwards as well as the idea behind them.

3 from each group were chosen as the very best and that means you now have 9 pictures to look at when you enter the Finlayson campus. Our exhibition is right there in the "Washing drum" of the building's main entrance. It's free and it will remain there until December 3rd. Welcome!

What we've come to call "The Baboon Shot". Although it looks more like a gorilla.

Exhibition Info:

                 Photography Workshop Exhibition
                 "Washing Drum" of the TTVO campus
                 Finlaysoninkatu 7
                 Open Mon-Fri, 8 AM to 6 PM
Picture: Vasia Tolou. The Baboon Shot was taken by someone in our group.

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