An amazing session with Fred Fuchs

Story: Suvi Hokkanen and Alicia Fernández
This week the students of Finlayson Campus had a great opportunity of having a session with Fred Fuchs, a producer who was born in the United States and has worked for several years in both USA and Canada. He has had the opportunity to work with big names in Hollywood, such as Francis Ford Coppola. Some of the projects he mentioned during the session included God Father III, Dracula and the Tudors.

For us the session was very inspiring and motivating. He talked mostly about his personal experiences in the projects that he has been working on and he gave us a lot of insight about what the industry really is like. He said that there is not only one path that you can take to get where you want and reminded us that any job we can get in the industry is important to make connections and get to know how the work is from inside; his personal story was a good example of this.

During the session we discussed where new ideas and stories come from, they don't necessarily have to come from Hollywood. Countries like Brazil or India are big growing potential markets for the industry. From Finland, he took an example of a movie he discovered few days ago called Iron Sky which is made in German, Australian cooperation. Effects are made in Finland and the movie is made keeping the international markets in mind.

In conclusion, this was an amazing opportunity for us to meet people from the industry some of us want to work in someday.

Photo: Fredrik Lilius

Suvi and Alicia are students of our international Degree Programme in Media
Fredrik is student in our Degree Programme in Film And Television
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