IMP Pikkujoulu-Party report: my absolutely fabulous students

"Pikkujoulu" is a Finnish pre-Christmas party tradition. All companies, associations and other communities arrange their Pikkujoulu-parties during the four weeks before the Christmas break.

Noora Honkaniemi, Laura Räsänen and Lukas Kallenbach of the muffins team

Our International Media Programme does not have ancient traditions because only third year is running, but arranging an IMP-Pikkujoulu is the self-evident obligation and privilege of first year students.

Having participated in some hundred Pikkujoulus over the decades I'm not too exited about them anymore. But this party made a difference, the ambience was something really special. Good humour, welcoming atmosphere, friendship was tangible. Many Pikkujoulu-parties rely on excessive use of alcohol and a show routine.  This party succeeded leaning on good food and lovely people.

The 11IMPs prepared the party for weeks, and all Friday you could feel the tempting aroma of baking at Demola and TTVO café.
No snow yet, but the Kuusivooninkinen building was very welcoming

The party was arranged at Demola, where IMPs daytime work in multidisciplinary teams in cooperation with companies. Demola is at Finlayson, next to TAMK School of Art and Media.

The cakes were fantastic, "took the tongue with them" as Finns say
The spring rolls were genuine Chinese!

Good food is essential for well-being, the 11IMPs have discovered. With the exception of gingerbread everything was self-made with love. Being a vegetarian I often leave parties hungry, but not in this case. I must remember to ask for the spring rolls recipe to be able to surprise my family and friends!
Christmas hats was the dress code, but ladies also surprised with their gorgeous dresses
Happy faces Caroline Liu  Chang, Lukas Kallenbach, Emilia Kwiatkowska
and Heli Härkönen
The exchange students were of course also invited
Analysing photos and music, testing

This party didn't require games and shows. But since IMPs consider learning and working is fun, we spent happily 15 minutes to do testing for one of the 30 projects run by our students and exchange students at Demola.

Minna Eloranta was one of the main producers of the party
and also celebrated her birthday. "Thank you all for the GREAT party!
It was amazing how the whole class worked as a team to organize a
fantastic xmas-get together :)" she wrote on the 11IMP FB wall.

Also interaction design students of the old Media Programme in Finnish
were there. Pictured Juho Jorhonen and Juha Tapanila and the Arcade Games
Three IMP editions selecting the music: 11Daria Adamitskaya, 09Antti  Kareinen
and 10Mikko Haverila. And they found Rolling Stones to please their professor!

More photographs to see here.

So thanks 11IMPs, other IMPs, old Media Programme and exchange students! I'm already looking forward to participate in the pikkujoulu hosted by the 12IMPs!

Story: Cai Melakoski

Head of our international Degree Programme in Media
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