manSEDANse 2011 kicked off!

The Arduino workshop will work three days

The electronic culture festival manSEDANSe is "A week of startling seminars, fascinating talks, engrossing workshops, dramatic festivities and club nights beyond brilliant. Amazing acts, inspiring people, food for thought, and love potion for your ear canals."

Arduino workshop uses a lot of stuff 

Two manSEDANse workshops, the VJ-workshop and the Arduino- workshop started yesterday at our school. Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer.

Also "TAMK Art and Media Presents" exhibition opened last night showing works by Robin Jochem, Lena Strutz, Jone Vildziunaite, Jiyoung Park, Johannes Gemuerr, Lotta Kallio, Masa Pelc and Susanne Wasserlechner. Read more...

There will be more workshops and seminars, e.g. manSEDANse Play seminar today.

Arduino talk
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