Intensive Course: Video Techniques & Expression

Text by Susanne Wasserlechner (exchange student)
During the semester break the most exchange students made some trips or used the time to go home. But one course in this semester break sounded too interesting, in order to miss it. The "Video Technique & Expression"  was about filming, lighting, camera techniques and editing. It was held by Ville Salminen from Obscure Entertainment.

Each day another issue was treated. We learned how to film with  a Canon 7D camera, how to edit the clips in Adobe Premiere, how to use light in the studio and how it was used in professional shootings.

It was not only about theory, we got always a little task in which we implement our skills. So we tested how to use the manuel settings in the camera and how the moving pictures looked in different shots. Or we simulated a lighting scene after a predetermined film shot. Furthermore we film a little interview with camera, lighting and professional record equipment. So we learned as well to edit footage with extern sound.

In the end we were divided in several groups to do a task including all things we learned in this week. It will be a max. 3 min Film related to the title: "Meeting your loved one". And I guess, within our current knowledge, there will be a few very nice shortfilms.

Although I already knew some things, it was a good chance to refresh my skills and to experiment with these professional equipment in a real studio. It was more a basic course, but even more profound questions have been answered. We got an overview of all important aspects to make a movie. And in addition it was really a nice atmosphere, so that we are up for doing our task in which we will give proof of our skills. Oh my god, it was a really nice and funny week.

Photos by Luka Jesensek (exchange student)
Ville Salminen|||