11IMP Poster Turns Out to Be a Breakthrough!

Blog post by Lukas Kallenbach
Here it is, freshly printed and in a nice, warm orange, our contribution to the poster wall on the second floor! Although inspired by last years’ posters secret of success, we managed to only almost pull even with 10IMP in both poster size and being late. Despite of that, our class poster clearly depicts no fear of breaking boundaries, being the only one of its kind.

One of the most complicated parts in creating the poster was actually agreeing on an idea – as in the beginning, being too creative to get things done, we just had too many great ideas to decide for one. We spent a lot of time talking and discussing how we would actually do it, as we, given the amount of concepts we had, could have come up with about 5 different awesome posters.

At the point we had finally chosen an idea, an EloTV poster which just looked too similar to what we were going to do appeared on the wall. Furthermore, the general motivation to put effort into the poster magically faded after a while:

General Motivation Graph

Having been stuck for quite some time, at some point we realized that we have to get going and decided to start something – which turned out to be the motto “Out of the Box”, with a poster that would go deeper than just another brick in the wall. Finally having decided on a concept, and having set the deadline for the poster on the 24th of October by our teacher-tutor teacher Ari Närhi, we had to start working on the poster pretty soon.

A photo shooting for the whole class was carefully planned and scheduled, because we tried to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The start of the photo shooting was delayed by 2 hours, mainly because we couldn’t find the right sync cables for the camera flashes. The motto temporarily changed to “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

After all, we still somehow managed to get all the photos in one day – thanks a lot to Oona Seppänen and everyone else who helped! Also, asking the janitor for tools to destroy a wall was priceless.

“…So we want to match the poster color with the color of the wall – how do we do that?”

- We worked it out thanks to the master of photoshopping Miika Fabritius. And after a couple of weeks of working on the poster, we even managed to print it almost in time!

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams

Having removed the white edges, luckily without doing any greater damage to it, we started wondering - “So where do we get tape now?”…

Despite all minor and major struggles, we managed to put it up! There you go, 11IMP =)

This years’ poster team were:
Photoshopping: Miika Fabritius, Lorenzo Servi, Minna Eloranta
Photoshooting: Oona Seppänen, Heidi Mäenpää, Erika Sangah Kim
Organising and bugging Minna for being late with her work: Me (Lukas Kallenbach)

Special thanks to:
Heidi Mäenpää from 10IMP for helpful advice, taking pictures of the wall and Ari and occasionally saving the day as she had gone through all this before.
Everyone else who was not in the official team but helped with tips, suggestions, ideas, or setting up the green screen.
11IMP for a lot of patience during the photoshooting, and being awesome in general!