Opening Ada today - Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Everything not on place yet, but intense work going on

Welcome to open our new open learning environment Ada 5th floor 3 pm!

Traditional class rooms are good for teaching, but not always so suitable for collaborative learning. Our students (and teachers) learn and work more and more in collaborative projects and need big round tables instead of the traditional rows of desks directed to the teacher on the podium.

We pulled down two computer class rooms and merged them with our top floor lobby. Thus we got an open space with groups of bigger and smaller tables, desks, chairs and sofas. We also have big screens for the team members to show case their projects.

The main function of the space is that many project teams can work there simultaneously, hopefully inspiring each other. Ada can also be used as an auditorium for up to 100 people.

Most students have their own laptops, pads and smart phones to work with, Ada is also outfitted with some for students who do not have.

Ada is not complete yet, but the students have already started using it. Also the student clubs meet there, the Visual Design Club IMPD, the Game Development Club Score and the Film Club.

Why Ada?

The reason we have the formal opening of Ada today is that the international Ada Lovelace day is celebrated  today all over the world. The reason we name our open learning environment Ada is that Ada Lovelace is the person who invented programming, and she symbolises the union of creativity and technology in modern times.

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