Experience about manSEDANse 2011

Jacob Sikker Remin performing with his
"Cheap, Fat and Open" synthesiser at Telakka.
Story & photo by Susanne Wasserlechner
An exciting week is over. It was the week of manSEDANse 2011. The festival of electronic music, art and culture was filled with interesting lectures, workshops, works in the exhibition and the awesome DJ and VJ Events at the evening.
We had the great chance to exhibit our works in the exhibition. It was possible with the course Art Process from Fanni Niemi-Junkola. And we were completely free in working. The only condition was: it should fit to the concept of manSEDANse 2011. So thank you Alex Regan for accepting our works! It was up to us to organize the equipment for exhibit our works, to built it up and down and of course to finish it till the opening. So we had a lot to do, but is was fun and we were looking forward to the exhibition and what us would expect this week.
There were also a lot of lectures and workshops. I have to admit that the most information was very interesting but also very technical based (at least too technical for me). But a great experience was the VJ workshop from Petri Ruikka. We learned in two days basic things about VJing, projection mapping and working with Modul8, so that we were able to try a demo projection. At least for me it was like the next step, after I thought doing some motion graphics and animation would be the highlight of creative working. To mix motion pictures or animation in this way, on different surfaces was awesome.
Next to workshops and lectures we met other exhibitors what I felt was the most profitable. Especially at the shows at Telakka and Klubi we enjoyed talks with other artists and listen to great DJ work. Some of them had also interesting projects in the Exhibition. One of them was Jacob Sikker Remin who developed this open source synthesizer "Cheap, fat and open". I met him also at Telakka and I was wondering what he would do with this Game Boy. Is he still playing with Game Boy? Yes, he is. And he played it very well, made funny awesome sound with it. Interesting point: he told me he was also an exchange student a few years ago. So it's nice to see what people do after leaving their study.

Overall it was an eventfully and exciting week and we had lot of fun, even some days were very long. Thank you guys!

Website: Jacob Sikker Remin