manSEDANse Play! and IGDA meeting in Tampere

Story and pics: Emma Kiiski
This  week’s Tuesday was filled with interesting events for a game designer student and a game developer.
ManSEDANse Play! event was new and fresh. This year’s theme wrapped around technology and the role of it: What can you really do with it, what are the new possibilities and how important is the technology in the creative process of creating new games.

Kutomo in Finlayson area got full of people
The speakers talked about their projects they had been working on. Annakaisa Kultima opened the event with a few words and welcomed the first speaker: Dajana Dimovska. With many examples of new concepts how to use motion controllers in play and games, Dimovska explained the creative ideas behind them and let people test the games. One of the most surprising one was called ”Dark Room Sex Game”. Everyone can google it and check out what it was about!

Then Markus Montola talked about a popular iPhone game called Shadow Cities. The game is the first location-based roleplaying game there is. It was interesting to know more about this game since there has been some fuzz around it; it was in this year’s MindTrek LaunchPad. It truely sounds like a cool idea that you can choose your side and fight against the other group from your location. Montola couldn’t tell if the game will be available in other platforms than iOS, but it would be a shame if they prevented other smartphone users from playing this really nice game!
Tommi Koskinen explained about Supersonic

After that sound designer Tommi Koskinen talked about his project, Supersonic. It was a nice story about a game that needed some tracks but instead of getting only a few, they made a whole soundtrack! Koskinen had for example recorded some sounds of an old elevator to create this electronic music. He also spoke some about crowdsourcing because he is a manager at AudioDraft.
Other speakers were Perttu Hämäläinen who talked about choreographics in motion games and Tuomo Tammenpää who had made funny cubes with lights that you could play with.

In the end I gave a few words about our very own Score Club and what we are doing right now. Follow us in Facebook, by the way! There’s a lot of stuff to come! After my words the speakers had a panel discussion about all kinds of things.

The best of all the IGDA meeting that is usually arranged in Helsinki came to Tampere for the first time and was a huge success! There were a lot more people than usually. The sponsored drinks could have been a bit too tempting for most of the new visitors.. But the main point was that there were a lot more people and the atmosphere was more open than in Helsinki. One of the reasons why there were so many people was also that before the free socializing time there was a lecture held by the legend of Game Design, Ernest Adams. Of course Score members took the awesome chance to see the lecture and were having a great time learning about Game Design, finding new contacts and meeting fellow students for example from KAJAK.

Emma Kiiski is running Score Game Development Community, also a student of our Media Programme.