International Exchange: Media Studies Next to BBC

Story and photo by Amir Abdi
As a part of the four-year degree programme in Interactive Media, I’m going abroad as an Erasmus exchange student for the third year. Some make it shorter, but I wanted to properly get to know to English culture and ways of studying and thus decided to stay for the full academic year. Right now I am writing to you in the library of University of Salford located in Greater Manchester.

Media City UK by night. University of Salford’s Media campus on the right

Salford’s Media Department is located in fresh and newly opened innovative space called Media City UK which is in cooperation with companies such as BBC, ITV and SIS. There are 38 undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught in Media City and they cover a wide range of media field.

There is a high demand for studying in Salford University among young British people. However, it was a piece of cake coming here as an ES from TAMK due to the strong collaboration between the two universities.

As an ES you can get in multiple courses from different degrees in order to meet your needs to cover and continue studies in the home university. I must admit it was a tricky task to pick up the most interesting modules from the vast and impressive selection of courses. Now I attend the modules Edit Theory & Practice, Advanced Camera, Practical Advertising Production and Drawing for Animators.

I’d like to thank our Erasmus coordinator Lloyd Peters from Salford University for giving a helping hand for us ES’s while sorting our courses.

Despite all the excitement and new experiences, I found it overwhelming to use the facilities in the new school as only the staff can book PC suites! At that point I truly missed TTVO that made it possible to come to school late at night and start working as long as I felt like.

Surely that’s a part of the entire experience. All these matters from left-sided traffic and strange power plugs to quirky humour and the art of small talk are there creating the whole experience of living in another culture and that’s precisely what makes my heart beat faster.

Amir is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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