Strong TAMK presence at Reikäreuna Film Festival

The sixth Reikäreuna Film Festival will take place from September 9-12 2010 in Orivesi, Finland.
The Film Competition received 104 entries, out of which 19 domestic short films were presented to the jury. A selection of the other entries will be presented at four thematically organised screenings.

Eight of the films and animations picked up for nomination are made by present or previous students of TAMK fine art or film&television students: (links refer to introductions in English of the films in this blog)
The thematically organised screenings of the festival show the following films and animations by present and graduated TAMK fine art and film&television students:
Additionally the programme includes many special screenings like the best of Tampere International Short Film Festival, and the show of Steam of Life (Miesten vuoro), the documentary awarded on several international film festivals. Stem of Life is written and directed by Joonas Berghäll & Mika Hotakainen, the former TAMK graduate.

Reikäreuna Film Festival