Cai Melakoski is the staff person of the year

The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) has chosen Cai Melakoski, the Head of Degree Programme in Media, as the staff person of the academic year 2009 - 2010.

“This is the biggest honor you can get at TAMK”, said Cai Melakoski after he found out he was chosen the staff person of the year. Melakoski started working as the Head of the Degree Programme in Media in autumn 2009, but he has worked at TAMK Art and Media for nearly 20 years. His work has included teaching, R&D and marketing. The latest “thing” for Cai has been TAMK’s blogs. He has helped to create not only the Art and Media blog, but also other TAMK blogs - including the one you’re reading right how!

“Blogs let you into the everyday life of students, which is often absent in TAMK’s official publications. The blogs show a more open TAMK which looks like its students.”

Students appreciate Melakoski's efforts to collect feedback from students and put the feedback in use. During the first year of students’ studies, the Head of the Degree programme has organised regular meetings and personal discussions with each student.

In addition to listening to his students, another important reason for selecting Melakoski as the staff person of the year is his hard work in the international field. He has used his extensive international network in e.g. organising the international week in connection with the Tampere Art Factory Event.

Cai Melakoski is the TAMK staff person of the year because he...

  • has made sure that there were teachers, students and members from the field of media designing the Degree Programme in Media.
  • has systematically collected feedback from the students since the launching of the degree programme.
  • posts actively to TAMK Art and Media blogs
  • is involved in organising the international week and Tampere Art Factory at the Finlayson campus.
  • has developed the co-operation between TAMK and Demola.
  • is helpful and interested in the students’ projects.
  • uses his international network to benefit TAMK and his students.
  • has actively improved the collaboration and discussions between the students and the teachers.

The Students’ Union has been nominating the person of the year in TAMK since academic year 2004-2005. The recognition is given to a person who has remarkably developed education, study environment and TAMK community. With the recognition Tamko wants to encourage good practices and motivate the staff of TAMK to continue their good work.

The previous recognitions have been granted to:
  • senior lecturer Peter Heath (2004 - 2005)
  • principal lecturer Matti Lähteenmäki (2005 - 2006)
  • senior lecturer Kirsti Kallio (2006 - 2007)
  • co-ordinating study advisor Anne Mustonen (2007 - 2008)
  • special skilled worker Timo Niemi (2008 - 2009)