From Assembly with Love, vol. 1

Text and photos: Eevi Korhonen, 09IMP student

Greetings from Assembly!

Finally I have enough time to blog about the first day's events, and because pictures equal a thousand words, I've used them quite a lot in this entry. Day started slowly, as we left off an hour later than planned, which was not surprising. We had to make a detour to our driver's home and pick up some gas before finally heading towards Helsinki. We made it to Hartwall Areena without further incident, and so we could start building the booth.

Our van was pretty full as the picture shows. We had e.g. four bean bags, a fridge and a projector creen.

We could not avoid small problems at this point: there weren't enough long LAN cables, we had to move our stuff away from the fire post, cables and backbags littered the floor and on top of it all, our original layout for the whole booth area had to be redone. Everything was sorted out eventually, and the booth is (and has been for several hours now) in full Assembly mode.

The highlight of our stand is the 42-inch TV the people from TiKo have brought. It's used to run their very own Swarms game for Xbox360.

And it is my pleasure to announce that the TTVO interactive tour has been released. Unfortunately we could not release it hear yet, as we didn't get our hands on the touchscreen until today, so we had no chance to test our little show before today. We found out that the movement didn't work as we intended, so we have to fix it before we can run it on the touchscreen. But I hope we get it fixed, because it would be so awesome!

This is the ASUS-sponsored touchscreen which will hopefully run the interactive tour tomorrow. Meanwhile it is showing the TAMK slideshow, which is not bad either..

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