From Assembly with Love, vol. 2

Eevi explains about the ArtTech seminar:

Today's big event for us was the ArtTech seinar we held together with the other schools titled"Game Development Education, Clubs, and Cooperative Organizations in Finland". Each school had 10 minutes to showcase their programmes and game projects and we finished with a shared 15 min panel on the schools' co-operatives and cooperation. I was represented our school on both occasions (though I didn't mean to). In the 10 min slot I told about our 5D2 project, even though as an afterthought it would've been good to spend couple of minutes going over the Media programme, too. But I think our marketing will speak for itself anyway (today I've dropped off about a hundred leaflets all over the Areena).

So, I accidentally participated in the co-operative panel too, even though my original plan was to quietly exit the stage after my talk. At the end of my part I just couldn't figure out a way to do that gracefully and there were four chairs at the stage (meant for the speakers while they were waiting their turn), and on top of it all, the vent was being streamed live to thousands of people over the Internet and at the Areena. I managed to get through the questions with anyone noticing my lack of real expertise in the area (the correct panelist for Tampere would've been the guy who was tasked with running the panel, so he couldn't both ask and answer the questions without it looking bit silly).

By the way, you can follow the Assembly live over the net throughAssemblyTV. I probably should've mentioned this yestreday, so you could've followed the aforementioned seminar, but I genuinely forgot that also those were being streamed on the AssemblyTV. But no worries, for according to my knowledge those recordings will be later put on their own Vimeo channel. So just be patient, you'll be able to see it sometime later.

Tero tells what's been happening at the booth:

People have been stopping by our booth throughout the day, playing games and asking questions about our programme. The Score games seem to be constantly popular, drawing in players and interested crowds (perhaps due to the comfy bean bags?). Some of the 5D2 games have also turned out quite popular, Elder Scrolls being the game of choice for many of the players.

We managed to kind of fix the touchscreen, or at least figure out why it wouldn't co-operate with our little interactive tour of TTVO. It seems the display doesn't quite interpret clicking and holding down the mouse button the same way it handles touching the screen and holding your finger in place. As a quick fix we noticed that touching the screen and dragging your finger does work, so although a bit tedious to use, the tour is now somewhat functional.

Text: Tero Koskela and Eevi Korhonen, 09IMP students

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