From Assembly with Love, vol. 3

Picture from yesterday's air guitar competition. The competition song was Lordi's ""Hard Rock Hallelujah"
Text and photos: Eevi Korhonen, 09IMP student

Third and the second last day at Assembly, so I thought that this would be a good time to shed some light over the culture of Assembly to the readers of this blog. Today we'll have the highlight of the whole event i.e. democompos (compos = competitions). Demos mean in this context audiovisual workds created through computre code, and these are the foundation of the whole Assembly event. Demos are the historical core of the event, and even though Assembly has expanded into other territories, demos are still a very important day of the modern Assembly. Demo teams compete in different categories e.g. oldskool (only demos that run on platforms released before 1993 are allowed) and 4k (the whole file must not exceed 4 kilobytes). The winners of the democompos are real showcases of programming, which require the coordinated effort of several people

There are several other types of competitions at Assembly. Unlike you might think, Assembly encourages its visitors to exercise by organizing basket- and floorball competitions. The computer lovers might be more at home with less demanding sports like disk and CD throwing. You can also compete more passively like decorating your computer or your computer place.

Here's an example of an interesting decoration of a computer case

Our booth still stands even though we've run out of sweets and other giveouts. The games have been popular (at least the people working at the booth have been playing a lot). The students from TiKo have shown their bravery and relentlessness (or madness and consumption of energy drinks) by stayng awake and watching over the booth on both nights. Spares us the bother of having to tear down and build up the stand every morning to keep our valuable equipment safe.

Tomorrow it's time to go so check the blog for the final report.

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