From Assembly with Love, epilogue

Text: Eevi Korhonen
Just a final report from the Assembly team. All of the equipment has been returned intact to their rightful places, but unfortunately we managed to get a parking ticket for our minibus. So the trip back wasn't a complete success, but almost.

We also have some statistics from Assembly, though only regarding the games we showed.

The students from TiKo aimed at achieving certain goals in their games, and boy did they . In the space shooter Swarms they managed to kill 500 000 aliens during one session, while Miekka, the 3D dueling game which borrows heavily from Finnish history and mythology, went through over 1000 battles during Assembly. And the School of Art, Music and Media wasn't without epic success either. Overboard and Overtower had its fair share of fans, and I do remember noting at one point that someone had over 100 wins on Overtower (which would probably mean around 300-400 rounds overall). In addition, one brave visitors played Elder Strolls: Dungeons of Dementia to its planned (but unfortunately unfinished) end with all the stats at max (100!).

Thanks to Emilia Ala-Rami for this amazing feat!

And good news, everyone! Our ArtTech seminar is now available at: On the right side you can also browse through all the other seminars, so if you missed Assembly this year, be sure to check out those videos.

Photo: Juho Hartikainen / Emilia Ala-Rami

Assembly Summer 2010
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