From Assembly with Love, vol. 4

Text and photos: Eevi Korhonen, 09IMP student
(Sorry for the late post, I thought I'd already posted this. So confusing with two blogs and too little sleep...)

The fourth day dawned with a sad feeling, and it was time to start packing and heading home. The Sunday mentality started to take over the Arena, but the most cunnign had already started to disassemble their computer places in order to avoid the post-closing-ceremonyt rush. The people from TiKo had decided to join them, and since they'd been staying awake almost throughout whole Assembly, I think it was the right option.

The emptied booth

Assembly might be over, but the work continues! We must still drive all the way to Tampere and return all the stuff to their rightful places plus write the reports.

Sunday and the beanbags. Pictured from left to right Riku Heino (Media), Joni Rissanen (Media) and Paavo Marttila (Music from the campus in Virrat)

We alredy spoke to the other schools that we liked our co-operation and the booth so much that we already booked the same place for ourselves for next year. So keep your eye on this blog next summer too as a new bunch of students will take over Assembly!

Assembly Summer 2010
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