From Assembly with Love, prologue

Text: Eevi Korhonen, 09IMP student
There's only one day between us and the Assembly. We'll be leaving early on Thursday morning to be at the site building our booth before the hordes of nerds overtake the Arena. We'll be blogging all the way to Sunday, so this announces our at least four-chapter-long tale of booth watching, computers and gallons of energy drink. So stay tuned to this blog!

The preparations for this weekend's event are almost complete! We have finished our masterpiece: The Interactive Tour of TTVO! It's the website/fictional tour we made with Flash to showcase what's it like studying here in TTVO (from the viewpoint of a Media student). Beware, there might be some heavy caricatures and we also had to condense the campus into a single hallway, so your experience will be more of a metaphor than an actual virtual tour.

Below a screenshot as a little taste of what's to come. The website will have its Grand Opening at Assembly, so you'll have to wait a little longer to try it out yourself.

Assembly Summer 2010
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