IMP: First week, first report

New IMPs marking their home towns on the map
The second edition of Degree Programme in Media, IMP, started last week. Below the impressions of the first week by one of the new students, Tia Tuovinen:

With Austrian, Estonian, Russian, French, British, and Norwegian twist we are a lot more than just a regular group of students. Our colorful IMP-team has worked well for the first 4 days including all the extracurricular activities. Hopefully we will become more friends than rivals. Many of us share the same goals and future career ideals which may lead to competition and comparing ourselves to others in an unhealthy way.

On the first week of our journey to media professionals we got several codes, passwords and access keys. We got to know for example the TAMK online portal, study areas and some site that loans students equipment ranging from cameras to bicycles.

We were handed badges to enable access to school any time we want – it is clear that people actually want to spend time there off study-hours! The game club Score’s room will probably attract many of our future game designers. Even some of the not so enthusiastic players have joined the club after seeing many the temptations the club has to offer.

Even though we study for ourselves and for our own future, a lot of teamwork is included in the program. Therefore it is convenient that the classmates are people worth hanging around with even outside of school. Once we get to know our surroundings, our classmates and even ourselves a little better who knows what will come out of TAMK!
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