The MindTrek Lounge

by Trent Pancy

New to the MindTrek experience for 2012 was a brand new concept called "The MindTrek Lounge".

MindTrek Lounge Lounging

The goal was to create a free space for people to come and experience the MindTrek vibe, whether or not they registered and paid for a ticket.

A group of TAMK students got together with the producers of MindTrek to take over this endeavor and make a fun, laid back space where students, professionals, and everyone in between could come to network, take workshops, relax and have fun!

We wanted the space to not only feel like a lounge, but to also be an entertaining attraction that could stand on its own as a pleasant part of the MindTrek Experience. Our goals were to include:

         - Interesting & Unique Workshops & Presentations
         - Networking Opportunities
         - An appeal for both Students & Professionals
         - Free Coffee
         - Fun & Relaxing Components

After some brief conferencing, we came up with a hearty line up of workshops and ongoing activities to offer. On stage we set up some fun improv-based workshops, interviews with some local organizations, a pitching clinic, an interview with a local movie production team, and some other new components as well.

"Inside The Box" Workshop with Trent Pancy

Off stage we offered a chance for people to play some of their favorite video games from the days of old (Super Mario Bros., Sonic The Hedgehog, etc) on the big screen, relaxing and engaging music, coffee (sometimes on the house), and a showcase of computer games that were developed over the summer by the 5D project, an endeavor of TAMK's S.C.O.R.E. group.

Playing Some Video Games

We also had an area of the lounge devoted to the international theme of MindTrek, where we hung 3 maps (Finland, Europe & The World) where people could post their business cards and represent their homelands.

Global Collaboration at the MindTrek Lounge

It was a fast and furious couple of days. We laughed. We sighed. We workshopped. Sadly, it was all over too quickly.

I hope that future incarnations of MindTrek continue the Lounge tradition. It truly felt like a place where people could come together and hang out, taking a break from the sometimes crazy pace of MindTrek.

The author is student of TAMK UAS Degree Programme in Media
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Photographs from MindTrek's photostream on Flickr

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