Practical Training - Nuke Artist in Germany

By Alexandra Ostasheva, doing her practical training in Düsseldorf

Since the very beginning of the summer, I've been doing my work placement in an amazing city of Germany - Düsseldorf. Not too big, not too small, living 24/7; the new place felt awesome from the very start. Although, the first couple of weeks everything was compared to Finland. Still Europe, yet so different.

It takes me 20 minutes to cycle to my work place. Unlike in Finland, bicycles are equal members of the traffic. That makes you feel very good! :) Work hours are from 9-18, with an opportunity to have lunch on the open air terrace.
After work, there is a million of things to see, thousands places to visit right in the city. Eventhough, I am working now, I still remain a student. I live in a very cool dormitory, full of people from all around the world.

So, right now I am doing my internship in a post-production studio. I came to this company with the idea to be a Motion Graphics intern. As I was... for 3 hours.
However, the lack of compositers in the industry played its role, and I was assigned to be a Nuke artist. That was quite a surprise for me. Absolutely new software, new tasks, new knowledge needed.

The first two weeks were sleepless and tough. However, it started paying back very fast - already by now, I was given a chance to participate in production of commercials for Mercedes, Braun, Lenor.

Practical training, in general, is an amazing opportunity to learn, the perfect learning environment. You are surrounded by passionate professionals, who remember their days of internship with a nostalgic feelings, thus, are always ready to explain, help, tell you more, show you more.

To sum up, I wish you all, guys, to find the right place for your practice, otherwise, you may loose all the fun!

Peace to all!

The author is a student of our International Media Programme
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